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Continuous Level Measurement

In the area of continuous level measurement of bulk solids within silos, process vessels or open bunkers varying conditions need to be considered to ensure the perfect measurement solution is to be found for the application. These conditions include silo and tank geometry, installation position of the sensor, properties of the medium such as flowability, bulk density, conductivity, moisture, dust and adhesion.

Plus the required approvals such as explosion protection may need to be included and considered.   

UWT will help you through the selection of sensors and will provide you with the right solution.

Nivobob® Lot sensor

NivoRadar® Radar sensor

NivoCapa® Capacitive sensor

NivoGuide® Guided wave radar / TDR

UWT Level Control for Level Measurement
UWL Level Control

Interface Level Measurement
There are several industries where the level detection of sludge or solids within liquids is required. For example within sediment tanks/containers, filters or lamella separators within the metal industry, chemical plants, in limestone or gravel plants and within the wastewater industry. This requirement depends entirely on the accuracy and stability of the sensor.  In many of these situations, the presence of pollution, chemicals and gases mean that the sensors must possess particular resistance. The Nivobob series 3300/3400 meet the needs of many interface measurements.  Their simple and straightforward measuring principle ensure total reliability. The level evaluation and monitoring is via an analog signal 4-20mA and Modbus RTU / Profibus DP interface.

The VN1000/5000 series are used for level limit measurement of sludges and solids in liquids. All wetted components are made of stainless steel.  Via the electronics setting the sensitivity of the control can be adjusted according to the interface layer.

Point Level Measurement
Limit detection is required in most silos and containers to avoid overfilling or unnecessary downtime. This means that the sensor needs to handle a variety of process conditions within a wide range of industries. This, for example, can be high temperatures and aggressive media in filters or reactors, or very light materials such as styrofoam in the processing or storage stages, and in the promotion of silica.

So in meeting all the conditions that are presented we are able to offer an appropriate sensor for each application:

Rotonivo® Rotary paddle switch

Vibranivo® Vibration fork

Mononivo® Vibration rod

Capanivo® Capacitive sensor

RFnivo® Capacitive sensor 

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