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Separator Filter System works according to principle of removing solid particles which have higher specific gravity than water away from water by centrifugal forces.

  • Holds all particulates between 70-110 micron. Works in high-capacity range.
  • It does not need spare part because there is no moving part inside filter material is made from SS304 stainless steel or St-37 carbon steel.
  • Pressure loss is fixed; there is no change at high flow capacity. Maximum operating pressure is 8 bar.
  • There is no risk of plugging as there is no filter element
  • Water production continues even during cleaning.

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UF systems are used very commonly for pretreatment of sea water osmosis systems, waste water recycling projects and pre-treatment of reverse osmosis system.
UF systems are physical treatment systems that filter out unwanted substances suspended in water, oxidized ions like iron-manganese and aluminium. They have a filtration degree of 0,02 microns.

Additionally, UF systems are used successfully for food and beverage process, bottling water process, disinfection of water indirectly and lots of special projects. Nowadays, it will be the only filtration system for wastewater recycling systems that will protect the downstream equipment.

UF Membrane pore diameters are smaller than microorganisms dimensions. Although they are not a disinfection system, they are a superior barrier against bacteria.

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Reverse osmosis process is the reverse of natural osmosis which can be explained as the movement of water from low to high concentration. It is also called as hyper-filtration that removes ions from water. Reverse osmosis is generally applied in areas where other technologies become insufficient (seawater, well water with high conductivity etc.

When the water passes through the membrane, an osmostic pressure is created by the membrane against to flow. Therefore, a high pressure pump is required to pass water through the membrane. Only water molecules can pass through the membrane and the other ions will be rejected to the drain.


Water softening process is a typical ion exchange method. Ion exchange is accomplished by passing water having suitable velocity through the resin bed and Na+ inside the resin will be exchanged with Ca 2+ and Mg2+ in the inlet water that cause hardness. After certain amount of time or quantity of water passed through resin media, resin particles are completely covered with hardness minerals.

While designing AQUALINE Water Softening Units, resin quantity is calculated according to raw water characteristics, average daily flow and peak flow consumptions. Beside this, regeneration process can be controlled according to time, capacity or/and quality.

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